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  1. This application will add a statistics page to your IPS4 installation Demo: View the full article
  2. demo: this is the doxygen of IPS 4's PHP files. i will try to keep it current with each new release. Instructions: download file, extract into your IPS root path. open browser, *note: you can upload it to your server, but if you do local development, probably best to keep it there and the above link for demo will be updated with each release i do. View the full article
  3. Basic But Elegant User Info Template for IPS4 - Subtle but interesting and unique! This is a refined version of a custom user info panel i have been using a while that i created for my community. Desktop/Tablet View Mobile View You are purchasing a file with Instructions/Templates and the CSS needed to replicate the above. Support will be provided whenever needed. I check in as often as possible. View the full article
  4. We have had a question and answer feature in IPS Community Suite for some time and we are now happy to add Google Authenticator as another option. We have also combined the various options it a new Two Factor Authentication (2FA) section in the AdminCP with many more options. Two Factor Authentication Settings There are also new settings to control when a user is required (or not) to setup 2FA: 2FA Setup You can control what areas will prompt for 2FA authentication: 2FA Area Control And how the system should recover if a user cannot login via 2FA on their account: 2FA Recovery Settings An administrator can configure these settings to tailor the security needs of their community. For example, you might want to require 2FA your admins and moderators but keep it optional for your members. On the front end your members will see a new Account Security section under their settings area. Account Security Settings Once authenticated, a user will then be able to enable various security options. For example, the Google Authenticator setup shows an easy to follow setup. Google Authenticator Setup We hope you enjoy this new level of system security. IPS has plans to add additional 2FA providers beyond Question and Answers and Google Authenticator. We will keep you updated! This change will be in version 4.1.18 which is scheduled to be released in late January 2017. View the full article
  5. Leaf is clean and beautiful with a touch of pure blue. Also, we put a header title so you can describe your site and put additional information below it. Settings Wanna get more than just a theme? ThemeTree has settings that could transform your forum to an even more beautiful and stunning look. Google Font Choose your own font to be display everywhere on your forum. Google Font Weight Put more styles into the new font you chose to be display everywhere on your forum. Width Container Change the width to your own liking. Header Background You’ll the ability to change the background image and position. Header Title You’ll get to choose your very own background and your header title so you can describe your site and add more info below it. Plus, to spice up the header title, we put animation in it to give it a little pop. Enable Sticky Navigation Enabling this setting will turn the header into a fixed header when you scroll down. Enable Grid Sublist This will make the forum subcategories break on the left and on the right. Override Site Title Spice up your site title by putting in the title you want to be display on the header. Guest Message You will get a guest message that displays everywhere of consisting of a title and a short paragraph of what's possible when your guest creates an account. New - if your allow new registrations is turned off, then the guest message will no longer be there. Enable Secondary Footer Need more storage for the footer? Don’t worry, we created another secondary footer so you can store more stuff or anything that you want inside. Secondary Footer: About Us Also on the secondary footer, we made an about us section so you can describe your site and your users interests. Appearance You will get settings of changing the default colors to your own liking. And Much More! Test Account Wanna look more into our themes? Well, now ThemeTree supports a test account for all of our themes. So no more looking at those screenshots or even looking at our themes live. Login to the test account and browse the contents. Display Name: TestAccount123 Password: testyaccount123 Live Demo If you wanna see a live demo of all of our themes, please go to the official forums ( Then scroll all the way down to the bottom of page and find the link called “Theme” on the footer. Click that and it will drop down with all 4.x themes. Don't Miss out on ThemeTree Updates and News: ThemeTree ( - You can get more news and updates from our website. Dribbble ( - Find out our upcoming themes and shots from Dribbble. Contact us at View the full article
  6. The plugin allows you to choose the forum for deleted topics. Instead of deleting the topic will be moved to this forum. Instruction 1. Create a new forum for deleted topics. You can make it unavailable for public access. 2. Select this forum in the plugin settings (field "Recycle bin forum"). 3. Select the forums from which topics when you delete will be moved to trash. View the full article
  7. @KentT paid me to create this plugin for Pages, encourage me to submit it to Marketplace, and provide the continued support Features: Display thumbnails in article database. Easy to change thumbnail by clicking on it. No reload page after changing thumbnails. Select thumbnail from external url, record image or article content. Set permission for group to change thumbnails. View the full article
  8. Gamers Heros Best Themes For Best Community! Top design technology + Material Design + Bootstrap + special icon web font + Features DEMO View the full article
  9. A Green and dark background theme for IPB 4.1.17.x with animated fontawesome forum icons Includes: PSD Files for logo Dark CKEditor Theme Readme.txt file (includes installation instructions) Themed for the following: Forum, Blog, Gallery, Chat, Pages, Downloads, Commerce Please contact me if wish to view demo. You will be able to upgrade to all future 4.1.x.x that IPS release and should not affect the theme (if it does then please contact me) Terms & Conditions: To be installed on one forum only, to install on more than one then you will need to purchase skin again (contact me for discounts for purchasing more than one skin). You are not allowed to re-sell the skin or make profit directly from the skin. You do not have the right to redistribute this skin set in any way. If you wish to purchase copyright removal then please contact me for more details View the full article
  10. The plugin changes the owners of the attachments. The author of the post becomes the owner attached to the post attachments. This can be useful if your moderators often change other people's attachments. The plugin has no settings, and runs as a task 1 time per day. View the full article
  11. This plugin allows you to limit the quoted content in your email notifications. This way your members have to visit your community to read the full content => MORE visitors => MORE views => MORE $$$$ View the full article
  12. This plugin allows you to set a more convenient path to save attachments instead of the standard monthly_xxx_xx. The plugin only works for new attachments. View the full article
  13. The plugin provides the ability to specify a custom date format. Also, the plugin supports separate formats for today's and yesterday's dates. View the full article
  14. This application allows you do award trophies automatically to your members based on following criteria: The criteria system is using the IPS4 extensions system and I'll add more criteria with future releases. Just let me know what you need Medals are similar to trophies, but they're awarded manually by moderators direct on a members profile or by the admin in the ACP. On the frontend they'll also be shown on the members profile page. There's also a REST API which allows you to award medals to your members via 3rd party sites or applications. View the full article
  15. Hello everyone. Here are some new trendy team icons for your IPS4. I made only 3 with simple ranks: GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE. You can customize them as you want regarding the colors & titles but i recommend to use the default & simple rank bellow: TWO Styles: Colored/Normal (just for preview, not original size/quality) Original Group icons size: 180x60px PostContainer default size: 200px. Profile topic view (dark& white design) (just for preview, not original size/quality) You like the Topic View? Find it here: Files that you will take: Have fun and for everything send me a message here. View the full article