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  1. 25.00 PLN

    (DP33) iHost

    With this application you can provide for your users fancy and nice upload images system. It has many options. Few of them:
    enable/disable system globally,
    set per group permission: view/add/remove images or by group,
    show last X uploads for user,
    set X last images for admin view (all members),
    users can remove or not their images ( admin has power to remove all images ),
    set allowed image extensions,
    set maximum file size,
    add image or text watermark,
    create or not thumbnails,
    sort images by specific member (for admins),
    upload from direct URL!

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  2. Free

    (DP33) Topic Starter Info

    With this simply hook you can add info abuot topic starter beside the post in topic view.



  3. Free

    (DP33) Pages

    With this modification you can add any custom page on your board with header and footer from skin board but body will be any you want. Fully HTML and BBCode are allowed.
    Before upgrade from version lower than 2.0.0 please make BACKUP of all pages!
    Fully HTML and BBCode formating,
    Choose which groups can read specific page,
    Simply changing active status - click on red cross to enable page or click on green 'bird' to disable page,
    Showing date added and updated,
    Delete one or ALL pages in one simple step,
    Allow/disallow to see pages list,
    metatags for each page.



  4. Free

    (DP33) Forum Icons

    With this modification you can set icon for every or only selected forums.
    enable/disable mod,
    two display mode: next to the forum name (without any file or skin edits) or instead of indicator icon (require skin edits - work fine with the ajaxed marking),
    set allowed extensions,
    set maximum file size,
    set maximum dimensions for icons,
    enable/disable icon per forum,
    tool to convert old settings from old version.



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