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  1. 12 downloads

    Will add new buttons on forum view to show an ajax form to create a new topic in a faster way.


  2. 22 downloads

    This MOD will show the forums moderators on board index.


  3. 37 downloads

    This app will show top positive and negative reputations, side by side. Will show only the reputation allowed by admin (both, positive or negative).


  4. 12 downloads

    This hook will not allow users to post URLs links or emails addresses on their status on board index. Blocked words: - http - www - .com - .net - .info - @


  5. 2 downloads

    This hook will show a message on file submit screen to users who needs to have their files approved (auto post) in categories.


  6. 28 downloads

    This hook will create another statistic to your forum: Top 20 Reputation, where will list 20 users with more points. Now you can set: If you want to format user links with their group color If you want to show banned users on the list


  7. 72 downloads

    This hook will make topic moderation easier and faster, by adding a list with most commom moderation actions. Features: Change topic author (new) Copy topic (new) Move topic Delete topic Rename topic Set Visible/Invisible Pin/Unpin topic Open/Close topic All multi-moderation available for the forum topic. Only moderators of the forum topic and users that have access to Admin CP can use those feature.


  8. 4 downloads

    This hook allows admins and supermoderators to change file submitter on file view. Compatibility: IP.Board 3.0.X IP.Downloads 2.X


  9. 35 downloads

    This mod will show the reason for the member being banned from the forum. Copyright Note This mod is an upgrade of (V88)Ban Reason View mod, by Vince (Vadim), from Invision Modding. This upgrade was authorized by Vince.


  10. 14 downloads

    This mod will allow new users to select his own group upon registration. Admins can choose which groups will be available in register form. Notes: 1 file edit needed Tested on IP.Board 3.0.5 GUESTS, VALIDATING and BANNED groups won't appear in register form


  11. 6 downloads

    This hook will create two buttons in the file view of IP.Downloads, linking to the support topic. Although there is already a link to it, these buttons will provide faster access to the support topic.


  12. 7 downloads

    A full-featured Testimonials/Feedback system for your IP.Board. Features: Comments in testimonials Permissions per group: general permissions and moderation Ability to use Reputation System on testimonials Ability to report testimonials and comments Ability to create a topic when a new testimonial has been posted Ability to send PMs to users when their testimonials are approved or rejected Ability to show announcements in specific pages or all pages of Testimonials System Testimonials integrated to IP.Board search Friend URLs Sidebar hook to show latest testimonials Hook on board top (beside Admin CP link) to show pending testimonials 2 plugins to IP.Board Portal: random testimonial and Most Recent Testimonials Tools to manage banned members from Testimonials System Tools to convert existing topics and posts to Testimonials and Comments Log of all moderator activity on Testimonials System More...


  13. 15 downloads

    This hook will allow to use the most common settings of MANAGE FORUMS, directly on forum, without the need to access the Admin CP for this. Only Administrators and Supermoderadores are allowed to use this feature.


  14. 6 downloads

    This mod will show the users who downloaded the attachment. Will show how many times each user has downloaded and the the last time they did it. You can also set which groups will can see the list. Copyright Note This mod is an update of View Who Downloaded Attachment 1.0.1 mod, from ntd1712, for IP.Board 2.3.X. ntd1712 gave his prior consent to anyone who wanted to update his mods.


  15. 11 downloads

    Displays information of each forum such as: topics, posts, views, top author, top poster, last post info, polls, etc. Settings: Specify a title to the stats Select in which forums will appear the stats Select which groups will see the stats Compatibility: IP.Board 3.0.X Copyright Note: Upgraded from Forum Quick Stats v1.0.0 (for IP.Board 2.1.x), with permission of ntd1712.


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