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[IPS Marketplace] Peacock Theme

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peacock Theme, is an advanced Skin for Invision website. with numerous options, Admin have wide range of choices from top to bottom in case of style, colors and functionality.

Key Features:

Could contain: Text, FileCould contain: Interior Design, Indoors, Wheel, Machine

Could contain: LampCould contain: TextCould contain: Text, Number, SymbolCould contain: Text, PageCould contain: Text

Could contain: Text, Flyer, Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, PaperCould contain: Text, Clothing, Apparel, Coat, Person, Human, HelmetCould contain: Text, Flyer, Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, PaperCould contain: Text


  • Light and Dark mode
    • Can be set which one is default
    • Admin setting for change colors
    • User level options for choose between theme
  • Color Palette
    • 8 different color option.
    • Admin can modify palette from colors to their names
    • Can be set which one is default
    • User level options for choose between theme
  • Advanced Mobile Navigation
    • Designed for browsing website, in Tablet/Phone screen
    • Admin can modify links, styles, colors
  • Dynamic Header Cover
    • With dynamic header cover options, top header area of peacock theme, pick up designated image from page. users will see different cover photo based on were they are.
    • Example for Topics: every topic can have it's own header cover image. Dynamic Header Cover option, picks up the first image posted in a topic as cover photo.
    • Currently support: Topics, Forums, Files in Download app, Gallery (Album/Category), Clubs.
  • Advanced PopUp messages
    • Advanced popup messages is a two separate tier of package for admin, to create popup message box for Registered Users or Guests
    • Create Welcome message/Registration notices message and ... based on the need
    • Most be Read Message box
    • Multi-Page message box
    • Ability to create permanent link to contents of the messages in different areas
  • (more) FontIcons + Material Design Icons package
    • With Admin options, font icons will be used in much more areas, including user menus, navigation menus and ...
    • Admin option to choose between FontAwesome icons (IPS default) or Material Design Icons, with familiar and broader range of icons.
  • Content Slider
    • Content slider with admin setting, to add contextual slide with image, title and link at the top of website
    • Can be link to other pages or use as promotional items on their own
  • Overlay Search
    • With Overlay search design, user in any device, specially mobile, can start search contents from the page they visit
  • Alternative Design for Widgets
    • With admin options, Default IPS widgets can have Alternative style with Grid style and support for background image
    • Initial release support: Topics and Our Picks Widgets
  • Advanced Footer
    • Advanced Footer is a customizable and stylish section, with many Admin options to add important contents and links
  • Post Styles
    • Post styles, give admin the ability to choose between multiple design for community's Forum posts



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