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  1. FreeKassa.ru - accepting payment on the community by cards. And also by electronic money, through Apple and Google Pay, and in other ways. Commission from 2.8% - only for successful payments. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  2. Story app Vala Story is an app that allows members to share their moments, interests, joys, portfolios, etc. with others through images and videos by allowed formats on your board and make them more interactive with title and link. Demo and Showcase: http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/calendar/ Vala Story has a powerful ACP settings and tons of customization options and member settings as well. let's take a look : ACP Options : Main Settings: Select story type [ Image / Video / External video / External image0] Set daily number of submit story Show stories from x days ago Set maximum stories to show Specify allowed image formats Specify image file size Specify allowed video formats Specify video file size Set duration of the story show time Set maximum image story Height/Width' Set menu item icon Permission Settings Allow groups to submit Allow groups to view Allow groups to delete a story Allow groups to share again a story Allow groups to change status of a story Submit Form Settings Allow members to set the appearing time of a story Allow members to insert title for a story Allow members to insert link for a story Allow members to use external link instead of uploading file Default Widget Settings (Each widget can use the default or its own custom settings) Select skin (SnapGram, FaceSnap, SnapMessenger and Custom) Use last story image as avatar Show stories as a list Enable open effect Enable cube effect Enable Auto full screen Enable Pagination arrows Enable Back button Enable Back native Enable Previous tap Enable seen mod (seen stories are displayed with opacity) General Style Seen item opacity Story viewer background Story viewer font color Title font color Title background color Carousel Display Settings (shows stories as a slideshow) Space between elements Enable carousel navbar Enable loop Enable lazy load Enable autoplay Set autoplay timeout Enable auto play hover pause Skin Style 3 predefined skins (SnapGram, FaceSnap, SnapMessenger) Custom Skin Change border color of each skin Change font color of each skin Size Settings (size of show box) Media size type (Cover, Contain, Fill) Desktop width/height Mobile devices width/height ACP Stories Setting Disable/Enable member status Admit/Ban member Add the stories to featured list (use this option in fetching data) Remove member stories (all stories) Share again a story of members Disable/Enable a story of specific member Remove a story of specific member Members Options Add/Delete/Disable/Re-share a story Specify which group can view their stories (All visitors, Only members) Enable/Disable their status Member Submit Form Widget Types Showing all member Showing followers stories Showing following stories Show stories for each member in the profile page Widget Options Add title Enable member add story button on widget's title bar (left side) Specify number of stories to show Select featured stories Sort by last updated (Ascending, Descending) Widget max-height (auto, X pixel) Items display direction (Row-carousel mode, Column-list mode) Custom carousel setting (use this for customization of the default setting) Story Settings (Default, Custom) (you can change the default setting for each widget) Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  3. This is our October monthly release. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  4. Persian Language Pack (All in one) for IPS Community Suite 4.6 Full translation. It is maintained and updated constantly and on a free basis. We will be very happy for the feedback and the search for shortcomings. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  5. This plugin adds two widgets to your website, which improve the core widgets “Who is online” and “Recently Browsing” through a new design. The members are not only shown with their username, but also with their avatar. Available global settings: Widget background: normal or light Maximum number of avatar images to show Notes: Works with any installation of the Invision Community as it is base on core widgets. Access permissions are respected. If member profiles cannot be accessed by guests for example, the profile links will also be suppressed for the avatars. Caching works just as with the original core widgets. With longer caching times for blocks, the Recently Browsing widget might not work well, as it will not show the data in real time. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  6. This is a maintenance release for Invision Community 4.6. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  7. Back To Top Button Links & Info : https://tectonicpx.com/themes [ Here you can find our demo templates ] https://tectonicpx.com/board [ Here you can find support for our themes ] Demo account [ name : demo@tectonicpx.com ] [ password : demo ] [ DEMO SITE : https://tectonicpx.com/board ] If you are a client, send me a pm on https://tectonicpx.com/board [ and you will get acces to client area ] Activation Enable / Disable The Button -> Enabled by default Enable / Disable The Pulse Animation -> Enabled by default [ Enable is using animation / Disable it's not using the animation ] Enable / Disable On Mobile -> Enabled by default [ Enable it's visible / Disabled it's invisibile ] Customizer Button Location [ Left or Right ] -> Right by default Button Position [ Fixed or Absolute ] -> Fixed by default Height [ in pixels ] -> 40px by default Width [ in pixels ] -> 40px by default Border Radius [ in pixels ] - 4px by default Background Button Color -> #e06666 by default Background Button Color Hover -> #f44336 by default Icon -> fa fa-angle-double-up by default Info It's very customizable and easy to use, just install and just go, or if you have diffrent shape in your mind just use the Customizer If you have suggestions, please let us know! No renewals Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  8. This application will allow your users to indicate whether the content of their forum topic/post potentially contains information which others may consider to be offensive, or may elicit a negative emotional response upon reading. Features: Administrator functionality to configure forums where the ability to add a warning is available configure groups which are permitted to create new warnings via the front-end functionality configure display of warning indicators in topics/posts configure action to take if a post containing a warning is quoted by a user manage warnings (create/approve/delete/change default 'hide' behaviour) Moderator CP functionality to manage existing warnings monitor content warning usage User account settings to configure whether to hide content if a post is flagged with specific warnings view any warnings which they may have created Content warnings are displayed in topics/posts topic titles on forum index pages topic previews, when hovering cursor over title search results/activity streams Other items: If configured, content is hidden until a click of the warning indicator is performed content which is hidden will not have 'Quote' functionality available until the content has been viewed If "Create new warning" functionality is available for users... notifications are sent to Moderators/Administrators when a user creates a new warning. notifications are sent to users when their warning has been approved by an administrator via the ACP this feature will be modified at a later point to handle approvals by a moderator via the ModCP See 'Additional information' for support details Background Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  9. Animated Number Counters is a lightweight, responsive, and mobile-friendly IPS plugin that boasts extraordinary design and effects to make your numbers stand out and catch the eyes of visitors on your awesome website. Ending Number: Set the ending number of the counter Color: Set the Color counter (blue,green,purple,DeepSkyBlue) Title: Set Title counter & Title Widget Icon: Set Icon counter (Font Awesome) Demo Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  10. This resource will give Admins the ability to perform a few more actions on Commerce Donations Goals. Currently there is no way to enable or disable donation goals, allow or disallow donations to goals, as It is either display or delete a goal and nothing more. Additions to Donation Goals: Enable or Disable Goals without losing any information, Display Goals to different Groups, Disable donations to selected Donation goals while still displaying the Goal. Added a Create New Goal button to the admin Donation page, Changed the clients Donation page layout to make it a little more clearer which Goal a member is donating too (Many of my members would frequently donate to the wrong Goal because of the confusing layout). Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  11. This addon adds a button to each member's profile to quickly manage their account in the Admin Control Panel (ACP). Works with any theme as long as you do not modify any of the core templates. Only members with the Administrator permissions with ACP access will be able to see the button. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  12. SorenaBlue Theme Template with a choice of ( light/dark ) color versions. No copyright And low price DEMO Some settings: Enable / disable Breacrumb top Enable / disable Scroll to top & Set Color Enable / disable Footer and ..... Release other colors coming soon (What colors do you like for this template?) Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  13. This resource will display the member signature on a new profile tab. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  14. This resource will give the ability to moderators (with proper permission) to moderate content (topics and posts) in specific forums from members of groups selected in the app settings. Settings: Groups that will have their content moderated in specific forums Moderator Permission: Can add/remove restrictions -------------- Depending on how it goes in the Marketplace, I will add all types of content you have installed to this resource and not only topics. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  15. Task Manager for Invision Community. Allows users with access to create boards, columns, and task cards. You can change the status of tasks, as well as assign them to specific users, who will receive a notification after assignment and more. Boards In the ACP, you can create an unlimited number of task boards. Each board can have its own description. The board card contains information on how many columns, tasks and editors it contains. The board has an activity section where all user actions are recorded. Columns Columns of tasks exist in a specific board and contain cards (tasks). Each column has its own name and highlight color. Columns can be swapped on the fly using Drag-and-drop technology. Columns can only be created by board editors, and you can add an unlimited number of them. Task cards The card has its own name, description, background color and cover. Cards can be swapped on the fly using Drag-and-drop technology, as well as transferred between columns. Cards (tasks) can be assigned to other users. After assigning a task, the user will receive a notification. He will also be able to change the status of the card. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
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