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  1. Demo username: demo password: demouser1 Features Fully responsive Easily switch between Dark and Light version Choose your body background image Set your main and secondary colors Fully customizable Footer with staff team section and custom icons (FontAwesome 4) in useful links Easily set your team members on footer Editable page body background color Custom position of social icons New custom profile view with sticky left section on desktop Swiper Slider Customizable slider on top (you can enable/disable it b
  2. This is a simple plugin that will allow any group with permission you pick to change the Pages records date. How to configure: Step 1: Admin CP. Step 2: Pages. Step 3: Databases. Step 4: Pick the database that you would like to see change date option on. Step 5: Edit> Details. Step 6: Scroll down to Templates. Step 7: Display Template Group > Edit template to Displaywithdatechange Then you will be able to see change date option with Records action menu. Note: Don't forget to give permission to the group that you want to allow
  3. (NE) Topic Summary - Images Controls Plugin which allows a little extra control over the 'Posted Images' section of the Topic Summary IPS default behaviour is to show up to the first 4 images posted in a topic Plugin allows you to increase or decrease the number of images shown (IPS default is 4 images total) randomise the images which are displayed Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  4. Remembrance is a clean, poppy themed design created for occasions such as Remembrance Sunday, Armistice Day etc, it features a mindful header image which you can easily replace via the theme's custom theme settings, with most buttons and links themed in poppy colour or similar, on a simple white background. Remembrance 4.5 - Header area (tablet landscape mode) This is a light theme and is ideal if you are looking for a quick but attractive theme to mark solemn remembrance occasions and other commemorative events at your IPS4.5 community. Remembrance C
  5. 支付宝官方支付应用程序,需要申请支付宝商家支付,并申请电脑付款。支付宝开发平台 1.进入 开发者中心控制台 ,创建网站应用 。 2.按照支付宝的教程一步步操作,最终在这个页面 拿到 公钥 ,私钥需要工具生成,查看支付宝官方的文档就行,挺简单的。 3.网站后台,添加支付宝付款。 这样就可以支付宝收款了。支持退款。 Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  6. 1.申请成为 QQ开发者 。 2.审核通过后,创建网站应用。 3.提交网站应用后也需要审核,审核通过后 论坛后台创建 QQ登录 APPID与APPKey。 保存后就可以使用QQ快捷登录了。 Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  7. Kliper 1.0 DEMO: https://xbox-vibes.com/ Kliper is a minimalistic, modern dark theme for multiple purpose, it can be used for any forums. Customizable welcome message and background Staff section in header Minimalistic footer with useful links (possibility to deactivate it) Fully responsive NO RENEWALS! Once a user has purchased this file they will be able to download all future versions. -------------------------------------- - Feel free to suggest possible future features - I'm open for custom changes, just PM
  8. With this plugin you can embed videos from xHamster automatically like YouTube. Get it for free as a part of the Black Friday sale 2020, later it will cost the minimum Marketplace price Warning: The site xhamster.com is NOT about hamsters. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  9. PERSCOM is a versatile soldier management tool developed by Deschutes Design Group to help military or civilian based groups manage members, track progress and improve operational efficiencies. The system contains multiple features that help units reduce “clutter” work and helps all members get back to what matters most, the goals of the group and its associated community. PERSCOM is constantly evolving and new features are being developed. NOTE: PERSCOM ships using a development license. This development license only allows you to upload a set amount of data. To remove the quota limits,
  10. Simple clear basic template . Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  11. This plugin allows you to choose forums where users without 'reply' permissions will be able to reply in own topics only. See screenshots. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  12. The application collects basic statistics of user activity and displays it in the tables and charts in a separate tab in the profile. You can control which user groups will be able to view the tab with such statistics. Thanks for @alexxis for sponsoring this app. Capabilities Block with basic statistics - the number of topics, posts, polls, etc. Block with information displaying the most active time periods - hour, day of the week, month, year. User activity chart by hours, days of the week, months and years. User activity on specific forums, percentage of act
  13. This app will give your staff members (with the appropriate permissions) to block members from particular forums for either a certain periof of time of permanently. Banned members then will receive an inline notification informing them of the fact that they have been banned. Notification author is the member that does the banning. You can also have the option to that the author will show as guest, i.e. not recognisable. As a precaution, you can protect groups from getting banned from forums. There is also an optional feature, that you can send the reason to the member through a pm
  14. Swiper Slider 1.0 SwiperSlider is a powerful touch slider, now can be easily integrated with Invision Community 4.5.x. You can customize the slider in different ways: change the height of the slider; add as more slides as you want between 1 slide and 6 slides; add custom background image to slide; add a link to your slide; you can disable the slider at any time and any slide you want; you can enable looping and your sliders will repeat indefinitely. 🥳 you can enable auto scrolling and your users won't have to move a
  15. This resource uses IGDB API to grab data from games to your site. All you have to do is type a word from the game title and then a list of matches will show up. From now on, with just a click, you will have in the submission form: Title Storyline, if available Description Status Genres Themes Websites Modes Multiplayer modes Platforms Player perspectives Videos Similar games Tabs: You will also have tabs to display: Game Information Screenshots Videos Similar Games All the ta
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