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  1. Add new feature to your moderators ! Moderators are able to edit secondary groups in member profiles (admins, moderators, and guest group are not shown but keeped if an user has one) Better view of secondary groups in ACP and member profiles edit page All modification are logged in the moderator logs panel (ACP) Lang support (find and translate these keys : chosen_select_groups, modlog__group_edit) Renewall : free ! How it work ? Easily ! Just add the permission to your moderators. Moderator permission needed: Logs view : ACP View : Member profile view : View the full article
  2. Clan Wars Is a complete Pages database setup, Created and disguised for gaming websites to add clan wars, Personal matches. Beautiful and super responsive design to show the matches in Listing and Display template, A block Widget to show upcoming matches anywhere on your website. Also a plugin to change all the colors. You can look in the images below provided with some more information's, You can also Brows the demo page below to see it live, Provided with some matches from DEMO Display matches Page Showing an Upcoming and Finished match You can optionally add a background image to each of the matches Scoring fields are automatic, A Lose/Win Text will automatically be added depending on the scores On the fly editing fields, Change Scores, Status, Date...etc A Widget to show upcoming matches Database Fields A plugin to change the colors _______________________________________ View the full article
  3. The application allows you to create a system to upload images on forum. Functionality: Uploading images (depends on group permissions) Ability to delete images (depends on group permissions) Ability to turn off application Upload image from "Create menu" Create thumbnail images Ability to apply a watermark to an image Ability to set the allowed extensions for files Ability to set up file size Warning. If you have an app (DP34) iHost you can migrate data using query: INSERT INTO ibf_sdimagehost_images (image_member_id, image_real_name, image_location, image_file_size, image_ip_address, image_added, image_thumb_location) (SELECT u_member_id, u_real_name, u_location, u_size, u_ip, u_time, CONCAT( "thumb_", u_location ) as "image_thumb_location" FROM ibf_ihost_images) where ibf_ are prefix in database View the full article
  4. This plugin hides/unapproves content after a member edits it. Set what kind of content will require moderation again and which forums they are in. As well as which groups can bypass moderation. Features: Moderated content will re-appear in the approval queue in the ModeratorCP. Set which content items will require approval again. Such as topics, posts, blog entries, download files, download comments etc.. Set in which forums topics and posts require approval again. Set which member groups are exempt from updated content moderation. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. View the full article
  5. Completing long and complex forms online is tedious. It can be off putting having to fill in a lot of information before you can join a site or service. You may find that potential members never bother to convert from a visitor. How to convert guests into regular members is an often asked question. The simple answer is to lower the barrier to entry. Invision Community 4 already allows you to register with Facebook, Twitter, and other networks with ease. "Complete My Profile" is a system that will lower the barrier of conversion. Guests only have to complete a very basic form to gain membership. Members are then asked to complete any custom profile fields you require. You can also set up steps that group items together to encourage existing members to add more information to their public profile. Members with a complete profile and user photo provide others with much more engagement and personality. Registering If we look at registering first. Clicking "Sign Up" will only show a simple modal form with as few fields as possible. If you have required steps, and after any member validation flow, the complete your profile wizard is shown. This enforces required fields and the member cannot skip them or view other pages until completed. Of course, you may have steps that are not set to required. These are available too, but are skippable. Members can complete skipped steps later. A dismissible progress bar shows to members that have uncompleted steps. Once dismissed, it no longer displays in the header of the site. This same progress bar is always shown in the members' settings overview panel, in the user control panel. This will prompt members with incomplete steps. If you set up a new required step, members have to complete the step before being able to browse again. This will ensure that all regular members have completed profiles. Admin Control Panel You will create new steps in the Admin Control Panel. Each step can contain multiple elements of a single group. This step can be set to required to enforce completion or suggested to allow it to be skipped. The basic profile group contains things like user photo, birthday and cover photo. Choose any of these for this step. The custom profile field group contains any fields you have set up already. You can switch off this system if you feel it does not fit your needs. When disabled, you get the normal registration form. Reducing the complexity of membership can only help convert more guests into contributing members. Enforcing required steps ensures that you capture data across your membership. We hope you enjoy this feature and you see an increase in guest conversion with Invision Community 4.2. View the full article
  6. The plugin is very useful for sharing social network links on the home page Beautiful Style! Share links to social networks: TELEGRAM INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK And .... view demo View the full article
  7. This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release Top Members For 4.2 we made some improvements to the Top Members section of the Leaderboard. A new overview page tab shows a selection of the top members across different criteria. Top Members Overview Page showing members with Most Reputation and Most Content The filter menu allows you to view more members in any chosen category, and a new AdminCP setting controls which categories should be available. Top Members Categories In the AdminCP you can configure which categories are shown on the overview page, the filter menu, and how many results show for each. Top Members AdminCP Settings Popular Contributors Widget Another small change is the Popular Contributors widget now contains a link to the appropriate section of the Leaderboard. Popular Contributors Widget View the full article
  8. Setup teams that your members can become fans of and display that in the members team widget. Features: Upload as many teams as you want through the admin. Set which member groups can view and select member teams. Profile hook that displays a members selected team. Register hook that allows members to select their team when signing up. The select team page can use an image grid, radio list or dropdown for each team. Topic hook displays a members selected team when they post. Both horizontal and vertical widgets supported. With the ability to limit and sort teams how you want. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. View the full article
  9. This is an entry about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. You are probably already familiar with our content embedding feature in IPS Community Suite. When a link to content in the community is pasted into the editor (e.g. a topic, or a post, or a gallery image, etc.) it is automatically expanded into a preview of the content, usually with an accompanying image, allowing users to click through to that content if they are interested. An embedded Gallery image in IPS Community Suite 4.1 While it has proved a useful feature to members, each embed used essentially the same structure - a small thumbnail on the left, a title, and a few lines of text. This works fine for topics, but isn't ideal for other kinds of rich content that might be posted. In IPS Community Suite 4.2, we greatly improved upon our embedding handling, giving every type of content within every application its own customized embed style, allowing that content to be displayed however works best. This means larger high-res previews of Gallery images, a button to download a file right from the embed for Downloads files, showing a map for Calendar events, and so on. We worked to keep a consistent overall style between apps, but allow each to display its own relevant information. For users, things will work exactly as they do now - they simply paste a link to content, and it will continue to expand automatically. The changes are also backwards compatible. Any existing embeds in your community will automatically show the new styling you see below - no rebuilding necessary. So with that in mind, let's take a look what the new embeds look like! I won't show every single embed here because there's a huge number, but I'll try and give you a feel for how we approached the embed styles for each app. Gallery Image Comment on a Gallery Image Gallery Album Forum Topic Downloads File Review on a Downloads File Calendar Event Comment on a Calendar Event Commerce Product Record from a Pages database I hope that gives you a good overview of what to expect when your users try out the new embeds for themselves. As always, please share your feedback in the comments below! View the full article
  10. Add topic icons to newly created topics. Set which forums and member groups can use them. And which forums require a topic icon. Features: Upload as many topics icons as you want through the admin. Set which forums can use topics icons and which forums require a topic icon. Set which forums can view and add topic icons. Topic icons displays along side the topic in both the forum and topic views. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. View the full article
  11. A full translation of some popular applications for IPS Community Suite 4. More translations - Classifieds Delete Account 2.0.0 Easy Popup 1.1.7 Featured Content 4.1.28 Mass PM 2.0.0 My Places 1.3.2 Newsletter 2.2.0 PM Viewer 1.0.4 Quizzes 1.0.3 =============== Для русскоговорящих клиентов (For Russian speaking users) Полноценный перевод популярных приложений для IPS4. Пока частичный перевод других приложений - Вы можете помочь русскоязычному сообществу в переводе приложений. Подробнее. Спасибо за использование нашего перевода :). View the full article
  12. When you purchase a plugin, you agree to our license agreement, this is to prevent illegal use of the plugin. The plugin can be used only on one URL-address. After purchase, you must register account on our community and specify the licensed URL of your community. Please, if you are not ready to follow our agreement do not buy this plugin. The plugin allows users to hide content by adding some conditions. The content will be available to users who suitable for the requirements. Thus, you are stimulating users of your site to publish high-quality, discussed content. You can specify both a range of users, such as active forum users by reputation or message, or use content blocks that are tailored for a specific user. Conditions Users can use the following conditions reg - to access the content you must be register in the community. 1,2,3 - content is available to users whose IDs corresponds to these numbers. admin, vasyapupkin - content is available to users with this display names. g=4, g=6 - content is available to users of these groups. p=200 - content is available to users who have the specified approved content items. r=500 - content is available to users who have the specified reputation points. t=100 - content is available to users registered before the specified time. Settings The plugin has the following settings Hidden block header. You can specify your own block header with hidden content, for example "Secret". Default condition. Here you can list the conditions that will be used if the user does not specify any conditions. How define the number? You can choose how the plugin will process numeric values. There are three options to choose from - member id, number of posts, number of reputation. Time elapsed since registration. Setting for specifying how long ago a user registered to hide content. Time units. You can choose how the number of time intervals will be processed width setting #4 and condition t=100 - hours, days, months. Hiding mode. The way to display a closed "hidden block" - block with conditions or nothing. Groups. Which groups can hide content. Minimum number of content. Specify the minimum amount of content a user should have to hide the content. Maximum of hidden blocks. The maximum number of "hidden blocks" in one message. You can specify several conditions by combining them, separated by commas. For example: p = 20, r = 10. In our example, the content in the block will be available to users with at least 20 messages and 10 reputation points. You can allow users to hide content for specific groups of users. A hidden content block is always visible to the author of the message. ============================= Для русскоговорящих пользователей (For Russian speaking users) Чтобы получить полностью русифицированную версию плагина, пожалуйста, напишите нам на почту Подробное описание работы плагина и его установка. View the full article
  13. This is an entry about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. The ability to automatically promote users from one group to another based on set parameters has been a staple of community software for some time. Traditionally, the most common determination of promotion has been post count. Additionally, the 4.x Community Suite supports promoting members automatically based on the time elapsed since the user joined the site and based on their total reputation count. With 4.2, we have completely overhauled and enhanced the group promotion feature bringing many new options to administrators looking to promote members through different group levels. To start with, the group promotion options have been removed from the groups configuration pages into their own area. Group promotion rules overview page You will notice that rules are no longer strictly tied to a single group, and that rules can be sorted however you desire. When you create and edit rules, you can choose which groups the rule applies to, what parameters the user needs to meet in order for the rule to be activated, and then finally, which primary and secondary groups the user will be moved in to. You can also configure the rule to remove specified secondary groups, which can be useful if one rule adds a secondary group for users, and then the next rule should change them to be part of a different secondary group (i.e. add a new secondary group, but also remove the previously awarded secondary group). The system uses the same member filters available when configuring bulk mail, and we have made some updates to the member filters area (and have introduced some new filters) in this release as well. For example, you can create a rule that only applies to members who have won the daily leaderboard at least once, or members who have created a blog. Some of the group promotion filters, which are also available when sending bulk mails Any time a member account is updated for any reason (a new visit, editing the member, the member makes a new post, etc.), the software will loop through all configured rules and the last rule in the list that matches the member will be applied. This approach allows you to create promotion levels, for instance when a member reaches 100 posted content items they will be promoted to a new group, and when they reach 1000 posted content items they will be promoted to yet a different new group. Groups can be wholly excluded from any promotion rules, which is useful when you have administrator and/or moderator groups and you want to ensure that they are never moved to a different group. These groups will be disabled from selection when configuring group promotion rules, and these groups will be ignored if "any group" is selected for a promotion rule. Finally, if a user is moved to a new primary group by Commerce because they have purchased a product which moves them to a new group, they will also be excluded from group promotion rules (however, Commerce purchases that only adjust secondary groups will not exclude users from being checked by group promotion rules). Developer note: You can add your own filters for group promotion rules (and bulk mails) by adding MemberFilter extensions in 4.2, available in the Developer Center for your application. View the full article
  14. This is a simple plugin that removes all references to the members group names on the public side of the suite. There's a for setting groups that should always be visible, and one for selecting groups that can see all group names. I believe I've covered all areas where the members group name, or group formatting, is used. If you find places I've missed, do let me know. View the full article
  15. This is a simple plugin that alters the amount of text/image shown in quote boxes. The changes are purely visual, no permanent change will be done to the stored post. It is also backward compatible with older posts. And everything will be restored if the plugin is disabled/uninstalled. View the full article