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  1. What is it? This adds Facebook's "Chat plugin" functionality to your site, allowing your configured visitors to initiate Facebook Chats with your Facebook page. How? Simple - it adds the code provided by Facebook to your theme without the need to edit the theme itself. All you have to do is provide your Facebook Page ID to the plugin's settings. But how do I do that? Well, first you do the following (correct at the time of posting this, and will be updated as and when Facebook change their instructions): Go to your Facebook page In the 'Manage Page' column, locate and click 'Settings' In the 'Page settings' column, click 'Messaging' Scroll to the 'Add Messenger to your website' section, and click 'Get Stared' On the resulting page, you should be in the 'Chat plugin' section. Click 'Set up' and then follow the prompts to: Set your language Add your site domain Copy the code (you'll need this soon) Paste the code (just pretend you've done it, click 'Finish') You can configure the chat plugin further, if you wish, via the 'Customise your Chat plugin' section Then you look at that copied code, find the line that contains the 'page_id' chatbox.setAttribute("page_id", "123445523342432376"); The series of numbers in there is, surprise surprise, your Facebook Page ID: 123445523342432376 So copy it and add it in the relevant field in the plugin settings in the ACP. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  2. This contains bug fixes for our December release. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  3. The plugin will add sliding featured products widget inside any page you want. Nexus application is required for this plugin to work. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  4. A (not so) simple plugin which will stop GIFs autoplaying in the main content areas, applying a 'Play' button which will allow you to view the GIF in your own time (replacing the lightbox functionality) Note the following: This is not a "play/pause/play from paused position" solution. Support is strictly limited to me fixing issues which I spot while this is running on my own site No new features will be added, unless it's a feature I think of that will improve the plugin's use on my own site. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  5. Every time I checked in with a newly launched running community, it seemed like there were more and more new people posting. As a result, I found it harder to find my friends' latest run write-ups and even harder to reply directly to them. Speaking with other early adopters, they felt the same way, and we all eventually drifted out of the community's orbit. It's natural to want your community to grow; indeed, a lot of community management strategies are based on increasing registrations and scaling upwards. However, your early adopters may feel very different about growth as they watch their close friendship circles dissolve as more members join and begin posting. A small and tightly connected community is very different from a large sprawling community, and often our business goals as community managers can be at odds with our member's goals. Let's take a look at the problem and then the solution. A new community is small and personal. Your early adopters will make friends fast by sharing their experiences and stories. They start to learn about each other and actively look forward to new posts and content. It's easy to keep track of the conversations and people in those early days when memberships are still in their infancy. Before themes and topics drive your community, the primary reason your members return is to strengthen burgeoning bonds. As your thriving community grows, more names appear, generating more posts and content. It can become harder to keep track of those personal conversations and friends. For those early adopters, it becomes overwhelming, and the feel of the community changes. The key to growth is to do it with consideration and understanding by allowing your members to retain smaller friendship circles within the larger community. Think of these small circles as a secure basecamp your members will use to explore more of the community together. How you structure your community can heavily influence member behaviour, so let's ensure you are set up for success. Forum structure Deciding how many forums to have largely depends on the size of your community. Generally, fewer is better; however, adding more when activity increases is recommended. Using the example of a running community, when you have few members, a single topic can be used to keep track of workouts; however, as membership increases, a dedicated forum where members can post and maintain their own workout log topic makes it easier for others to find specific member's logs rather than trawling through a long busy topic. If you're in doubt, asking your community is always a great way to draw out real honest feedback and guidance on how to improve. Nerd Fitness forums allow each member to maintain their own training log in their busy forum Clubs Creating a sub-community is a big decision. On the one hand, you syphon off discussion to areas outside the main community, but this can be an advantage if you want members to retain their smaller friendship circles. On the other hand, you may find an appetite for more niched discussion within your topic. For example, while your site may be based around road running, you may have a small group specifically interested in mountain running. Using a club allows them to follow that passion without altering the core purpose of your community. Even though our own community is here to serve our clients, we have a health club where members can discuss health and fitness away from the community's primary aim Follow Using the robust follow and notification tools is an efficient way to let members know when a favoured member posts something new or a loved topic gets a reply. Make sure your members know how to set up notifications and the different ways to receive them, such as via mobile, email, or the community's bell. Your members need not miss a friends update again. We have a very comprehensive follow system Discover Activity streams allow members to personalise their first point of discovery. In addition, the flexibility of the streams will enable members to choose which member's content to see and which forum's content to include in a single news feed style stream. Giving your members the ability to customise which content they see when they first visit the community allows them to check in with their favourite areas before exploring the rest of the community. NerdFitness use streams to show content for each 'guild' Growing a community from a handful of people to tens of thousands takes a lot of planning. Unfortunately, it's easy to focus on just numbers and forget about the people behind them. However, aligning your business goals with your members' goals is critical when growing beyond your early adopters. Setting up your community for success using our built-in tools will help your members feel comfortable as you grow. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  6. This plugin allows you to specify which GROUP or USER has access to specific Payment Gateways! This plugin SHOULD work with any Payment Gateway that uses IPB API, if one is not working aka the settings are not visible, please report to us. What is the use case for such a plugin? You can limit Payment Gateways to specific users/groups. For example, PayPal only for the group "Trusted" or a special user that has a lot of trust. If this explanation is not good enough, you can always shoot me a PM, to explain it a bit more. I'm NOT the developer of this plugin, (Kirill Gromov) is. I own the plugin and I'm allowed to sell it, IPB staff can verify with him if needed. There will be only BUG fixes, no new features. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  7. Esta é uma simples tradução para ajudar quem acabou de comprar o app. Observações: O AdminCP não foi traduzido para não causar confusão para configurar, e no suporte com o desenvolvedor. O app usa textos da key principal do Invision Community, então se a sua comunidade não estiver traduzida vai notar esses textos. Requer: Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  8. Adds an 'eye' to the password field on the standard login form, allowing the user to click it to view the password which they have typed in Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  9. This app allows you to add product reviews everywhere you want as a widget and show product reviews by Random or Specific Product(s) as a Slideshow(carousel), using tons of customization options. let's take a look at the options. ACP settings: Main Settings Show Author Photo Show Author Name Show Profile CardView in Hover Show Review Date Show Review Rate Show Review Number of Comment Lines Show Product Title Enable Product Link Carousel Settings Item Height Margin Between Items Enable Navbar Enable Loop Lazy load Enable Autoplay Autoplay Timeout Enable Pause on Hover Comment Box Style Enable Border Enable Border Radius Enable Shadow Widget Settings Widget Title Specify Group to View Data Type ( Random | Specific Products ) Number of Comments Sort By Specify Minimum Rate Level Custom Main Settings -> Ability to customize all ACP main setting for every widget (see screenshots) Custom Carosel Settings -> Ability to customize all ACP carousel settings for every widget (see screenshots) Custom Colors -> By default, this widget uses theme colors, but you can change all colors by enabling this option. Review Card background color Author font color Date font color Rating On color Rating Off color Comment font color Product font color Attention! This plugin does not change the IPS default product reviews style. You need IPS Commerce app. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  10. With this plugin you to add unlimited custom links to the footer of your site without having to manually place them in the templates of each theme. Optionally, these links can also be displayed in the mobile navigation. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  11. Automatically load a members currency within the Commerce app using the IPS geo-location feature. Features Set which currencies should be shown for each country. Uses IPS's own geo-location feature to determine a members country. Choose to hide the currency chooser. Reset any members who have already changed their default currency. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  12. This application will allow your users to display up to a configured number of their badges on the 'author pane' in a forum topic. Admin settings include: Number of badges that are allowed to be displayed Size at which the badge should be displayed (separate settings for Desktop and Phone) Option to display a tooltip on the badge Option to remove the 'Rare' tag from the badge Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  13. This plugin will hide LINKS, CODE, IMAGES and [HIDE] in articles from Pages app. Features: Select content to hide: images, external links, code, [hide] tag, attachments, or full content. Select databases, categories for hidden content. Enable hidden content in comments/reviews. Option to specify groups can bypass the hidden content. Reaction, reply or review to see the hidden content. *** Requires PAGES app Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  14. 🟢 Scaling your community requires overcoming many barriers and learning new ways of working with your community. Rosie explores this in her blog: How we are at the small scale is who we are at the large scale. "In community, we often say to do things that don't scale. To start small. To get the foundations right. To trust that how we are and what we do is what the community becomes, on a larger scale. Our behaviour, our intentions, our alignment, and our goals all influence what the community can become." 🧠 What we think: There is no right or wrong way to scale your community from its humble beginnings and it can be a lot of hard work but that doesn't mean we should change our core values and how we approach helping others. 🟢 Should you respond to questions before your members? Is a question explored by Richard at Feverbee. "If you (the community manager) respond to a question in a community, other members are less likely to respond. This makes it harder for top members to earn points and feel a sense of influence. But if you don’t respond to a question in a community, it can linger and look bad. It also means the person asking a question is waiting for a response and becoming increasingly frustrated." 🧠 What we think: There are certain areas where you need your team to lead. Right here on this forum we want to provide the best service for our customers so our support team are active and quick to reply to all questions. There are other community-led sections that definitely benefit from allowing time for other members to reply to share their knowledge. It's a good feeling helping others. 🟢 CMX explores how to move your community online. Much of this is great advice for anyone considering moving platform (to Invision Community, right?). "Christiana recommends viewing community migration as a process that requires patiences, “this is not a race meant to be run fast. We are changing the mindset of the people in our ecosystem”. " 🧠 What we think: Patience is definitely key when moving platforms. The sooner you start engaging with your own community and explaining the reasons for the move and the benefits it'll bring, the easier it will be. 🟢 Michelle can't find the bathroom when at a party which inspires a blog on 5 secrets to community onboarding. "Walking into a party without your host can feel confusing, alienating, and frustrating. And for your customers, joining a new community without onboarding is just as bad." 🧠 What we think: Onboarding is critical to your community's success. New members can often feel lost and unsure where to start. It can be intimidating in real life to enter a room full of people that know each other, and this is true in the online space too. 🎧 Podcast: What makes a community a home? Patrick explores this by interviewing members of his own community, which opened 20 years ago and is still going strong. 🧠 What we think: We love hearing about long established communities that are still thriving and hearing how those early online relationships shaped people's lives. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  15. The application will allow your users to donate for posts indicating an arbitrary amount and reason for donating. You can select groups whose users will be able to donate or accept donations. Specify the donor list limit when viewing a topic. Each donation post displays the total amount of donations by currency. Make the reason field required. You can display the balance in posts and/or in the userBar. Users can control the display of the balance themselves in the settings of their account. The author of the post will receive a notification about the new donation. Commerce integration You can specify the amount of the commission that will be charged. You can donate in any currency and any payment gateways that exist and are configured in the Commerce application. Widgets Currently, you can place two widgets on your pages: Top donors. The widget will show users who donated the most for posts for a certain period of time (week, month, year, or all time). Latest donations. The widget will show the donor, the author of the post, the date and amount of the donation. For the application to work, you must have a Commerce installed application. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
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