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  1. This plugin will allow you to choose to display custom profile fields on the 'Quick Registration' sign-up form. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  2. Navigation Toolkit is a plugin to add some useful tools in your navigation area. it will be added alongside User bar at the header and have these features: Progress page bar when scrolling the page. with plugin side setting it's possible to give different color for this progress bar. Dark Mode/Light Mode button. smoothly change theme color from light to dark or dark to light mode. (Note: only tested on IPS default theme) Font resize button. with plugin side setting, it's possible to give user two choice for font size: default size or large font size. Refresh page button Go to top button Go to bottom button Setting for fixed Navigation bar Demo Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  3. Legend Magazine is a series of Advanced Templates designed for IPS Pages App. This templates are accompanied with a powerful plugin, gives many customization, styles and re-orientation choices for these templates. Legend Magazine Templates can be assigned to already exist or newly created Database within IPS Pages app. Key Feature: Ajax Page Load. allows users to quickly navigate between in-database Pages back and forth. Magazine Look and Neat Design with many customization freedom for Database(Show article)/Database(Show categories)/Category/Display Article view of your database. Great for Content oriented databases like Articles, News ... Custom navigation bar at the top. allows to have constant access to every useful options in each page. Custom sidebar at the left, can be open/close by user. Sidebar have items like User menu, Links to all categories within a database. with plugin setting, it is possible to add more links as well. Database and Category each one have Two different "Theme" can be choose in Plugin setting. each theme also come with it's own style customization. Display article view also come with Three different theme. more importantly it's possible to change every article theme right through article submit/edit form. with this optional feature, authors can assign one of these three theme to article when they want to send /or/ edit an already exist article. Support Color scheme of IPS Default/Custom themes. gives freedom to admin to use their own theme color scheme (useful for multi-color communities) or use Legend Magazine Plugin for completely custom color scheme. Demo Requirements: IPS Pages 4.5 More Pages app templates Legend News Legend Articles Legend Blocks Legend Profiles Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  4. Tags and IPS’ Similar Content widget are a powerful way to provide helpful additional content on a page and to increase the page view count, since there are always more related entries suggested. Unfortunately, the stock version of the Similar Content widget is rather dull. This plugin takes the Similar Content widget to a new level. It retrieves images from the entries (where available) and it also shows the entry’s container name so your users understand where they will be taken before clicking on the entry. Additional settings (listed below) give admins more control over the content of the widget. Directly Supported Content Types: Pages records Forum topics Download files Gallery images Calendar events Settings: Show/Hide entry author Show/Hide text preview Show/Hide forum images Show/Hide calendar images Widget background: “Area Background” or “Area Background Light” Notes: The plugin only changes the look of the entries. It doesn’t influence which entries are shown or how they are ordered. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  5. This application adds a Wayforpay payment gateway, allowing your customers to pay for products, services and files in your community using payment methods supported by Wayforpay. Application supports several payment methods and automatic refunds. What is Wayforpay Wayforpay is a popular payment aggregator in Ukraine. It allows you to accept payments using bank cards, e-money, online banking, and even cash at payment terminals. Application features Payments. Application allows you to accept payments in the following ways (check the actual list at https://wayforpay.com or contact your manager): Bank cards: Visa, MasterCard. Apple Pay and Google Play (only via Wayforpay website). Privat24, Cash, Installments. Refunds. Application allows you to make refunds. When a transaction is refunded in Invision Community, the funds are automatically refunded to the buyer via Wayforpay. Conversely, when refunded via Wayforpay, the transaction is automatically refunded in Invision Community. Changing the invoice status. For some people this point raises questions, so I think it is necessary to mention it separately. After payment on the Wayforpay website is made, invoice in the Invision Community is marked as paid automatically (or marks for approval, if you set it up in the AdminCP). Other information This application works with following currencies: USD, EUR, UAH, RUB. In order to use this application, as well as for the ability to sell files in the Downloads application, you must have an official Commerce application. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  6. This plugin will modify Downloads category view and will display files in a grid. It will show 4 files per row. Settings: Number of files per page Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  7. An amazing theme for IPS 4.5, dark theme. - System level; - Left fixed menu; - Responsive; Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  8. What to expect Beta releases have not had extensive testing, therefore you may encounter issues with this release. You should only use Invision Community 4.6.0 Beta 1 on a test site. If you choose to test this release on your main site, please ensure you backup your site first. While we endeavour to support minor issues with this release, we would not want you to lose any data if you had to revert back to a stable release. Please report all bugs into our bug tracker. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  9. (PSD) Graphic Theme - Grzegorz 🔥 👉 === Demo === 👈 🔥 🔨 Configuration Icons navBar Example code: nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="Forums"] a::before {content: "\f015" !important;} data-navext - The name of the item menu. You can find it by clicking on F12 in the browser and selecting the item tab. f015 - Unicode Font Awesome 5 Icons widgets Example code: .cWidgetContainer .ipsWidget[data-blockid*="forumStatistics"] .ipsWidget_title::before {content: "\f015";} data-blockid - The name of the item widget. You can find it by clicking on F12 in the browser and selecting the item tab. f015 - Unicode Font Awesome 5 📷 Screenshots Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  10. This plugin will give the ability to moderators who can edit content to mass add/remove prefix/tags in topics. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  11. This plugin will give the ability to moderators who can edit content to mass add/remove prefix/tags in topics. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  12. PLAYORDIE DARK THEME Initial release Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  13. Copy what you really want. Not your theme color. Nor its font size and style. Because Brilliant Clipboard makes the clipboard on your website work the way you expect it to work. Instead of copying how the content looks like on your device and theme, it copies the content with its actual formatting. So you can forget about pasting your content as "plain text" and reformatting it. Just copy and paste things. It's finally that easy. Everything you copy just looks well. Everywhere. Say you made a draft of your important announcement. Then you copy it and it seems to look well... but only on your theme and on your device. Because whenever you copy a text on your website, it is pasted with your theme's color, font size and other properties. This often makes your content look awful or even unreadable on other themes or devices. But Brilliant Clipboard makes this issue magically disappear. It's just never been simpler. Bring up the past with no shame. Whenever you copy your old post, or your recent private message, you want it to look great for everyone and everywhere. And with Brilliant Clipboard, it does exactly that. Without even requiring you to think about it. So you can spend more time on something that really matters. Works out of the box. We value your time. This is why all you need to do is just installing the app. It's 2021, not 2005. It's a time to make things just work. Get Brilliant Clipboard and never waste your valuable time on fixing broken formatting again. Field-tested and side effect free. Don't worry - it really just works. There are no side effects. Seriously. We've been carefully testing it on live communities, so that now you can just install the app and forget about the issue forever. It's really that easy. Every Brilliant product comes with human support. No matter whether you need some help, or you want to report a bug, or you have a suggestion - people love Brilliant apps for their best-in-class support. We're doing our best to make sure things will work flawlessly all the time, but whenever they don't - we're always there for you 😄 So if you have any further questions... Send us a message and we'll happily answer all of them. Or look at the Additional Information tab for Frequently Asked Questions. BTW: You would be surprised how helpful the app was for us while working on this description. Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  14. This plugin adds the Wishlist feature to the Commerce app and has the following features: Add and remove the Wishlist items as Ajax Use the default color Change the color of the Add to Wishlist button Change the color of the Remove from Wishlist button Enable / Disable the Wishlist Icon Enable / Disable the Wishlist Text Save wishlist items for members and guests Move the guest user wishlist to the corresponding table after login DEMO Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
  15. Legend Styler - Topic Listing, is a powerful plugin that can be use to give a lot of style and customization in Forums Topic/Question listing pages. there are many options with many variable in this plugin, so admin can use them in combination to give Topic/Question listing pages a unique look. parts by parts of these listings can be modify so with every combination of settings, there will be new style for Topic/Question listing pages. Features: Dozens of variables and settings so admin can modify each part of lists in Topic/Question listing pages. Add special indicator for Pinned Topics, so these topics looks separated from the rest of topics in the Topic/Question listing pages. Add special indicator for Featured Topics as background color. Add new way of viewing Topic/Question listing pages as "Grid" with it's own templates for both Topics and Question listings. Demo Topic listing (note: this demo only shows just one combination of styles that can be done with this plugin) Demo Question listing (note: this demo only shows just one combination of styles that can be done with this plugin) Requirements: IPS Forums 4.5 Plugin works with every theme compatible with IPS 4.5 (IPS default theme and custom themes) Wyświetl pełną treść wpisu
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