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  1. Will they be added in the next versions?
  2. Hello, A few days ago, they announced that would implement: "Release Notes" Similar to this: https://1shot2kill.pl/release-notes/theme-fluent-design/ What happened? I was looking forward to it... Regards!
  3. I know, It is just an idea, suggestion, it should not necessarily be the same. Regards!
  4. Hello! I want to suggest adding a design to the reputation level system. Similar to this: https://wpforo.com/docs/root/members/member-reputation/ It would look great
  5. i have an error with the last update, no have permissions to enter the template configuration.
  6. I have noticed an issue. When viewing the activity of a profile, in the option to see messages in the forum, the messages are displayed completely and are not minimized. Can you check it please? Regards!
  7. It is not really a error, it is only the color of the text font, it is shown in white and with the light green background, you cannot see the text within the frame.
  8. Hello, The background color of the 'Hide Link and Code' plugin is not compatible with the template, attached image:
  9. yes I just found it, it was a PDF with the instructions. By the way, in the next updates will have the same as this website? https://1shot2kill.pl/ I like the bottom of the forum statistics and also the top of the language selection. On the other hand, I can't find the "Change to Square" option. I like the curve style. Best Regards!
  10. How can edit footer social information?
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