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[Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition 2.0.0 Beta 2

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About This File

Fluent Design Theme Edition is a combination of Fluent Design styles Microsoft, iOS Design, Android Design and Google Design.
We have also introduced many interesting features that are unique in standard themes.


Now you can see how the theme develops at this link:
>>>>>>>>>> Release Notes - [Theme] Fluent Design Theme Edition <<<<<<<<<<

(The applications listed below mean specially adapted to the theme or adding support for notification icons)

Font Awesome 5
The theme is completely compatible with Font Awesome 5.
Has a built-in plug (aXen) Font Awesome 5 in IPS.
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Font Awesome 5

Many animation!
Additional animation has been introduced, which will be expanded in next versions.

Unique footer!
The footer has many settings, but not only! Works with different language versions thanks to language keys.


Change the theme from light to dark or from dark to light!
By using JS and cookies in your browser, changing the theme does not have to mean reloading the page! Just one button and it's ready!

(aXen) Article System in Pages for free!
We also attach a system of articles to the purchase of the theme, which is also fully supported by the author.

Advanced forum settings
Added new highlighted options for forums that have not been read.

Top trophies!
We've used built-in trophies in the tops, which can be easily turned off in the theme settings.

Slider as ipsCarousel
We used the built-in ipsCarousel option to use in our theme. You can easily adjust its place and display. (Max 10 slots).

Increased visibility of review stars!
We have introduced greater visibility and highlighting reviews in the form of placing stars in topics and changing the location elsewhere in the system.

New look for posts in the topic!
Topic author, user recognition, new setting buttons, adding icons and a new user panel in topic view!

Built-in modification (aXen) Record Result Line
Installing a plugin for this style is not necessary.

Profile highlight!
The ability to highlight a profile has been introduced. This option also works on child groups!

Notification icons!
Icons have been introduced for all notifications. Supported above applications also got support.

The new look of the mobile version!
Icons for the menu, avatar of the currently logged in user and his name have been added.
In addition, a few new settings have been introduced to make the site more enjoyable.

Additional widget settings!
Some widgets have received a new feature such as (Who's Online), (Topic Feed), (Post Feed).


What's New in Version 2.0.0 Beta 2   See changelog


2.0.0 Beta 2:

  • The ability to move and disable navigation icons in a mobile appearance,
  • Visibility of subforums has been improved,
  • Fixed an issue where the post could not be edited,
  • The visibility of adding new content has been improved,
  • Fixed a bug that prevented color changing with more icons on mobile devices,
  • Added missing graphics to settings,
  • Settings have been added that customize the look of the header on mobile devices,
  • Fixed a bug that caused the search engine to disappear from the guest account

2.0.0 Beta 1:

  • Added ability to change colors for users,
  • A new option has been added to add your own graphics to the background,
  • The option of changing header or background has been added using the user’s graphic set in the profile,
  • Now Jquery will be loaded by the internal server,
  • Theme update to IPS Community Suite 4.4.8 Beta 2,
  • Application support added: (SD) Company Directory(SD) Course Box(SD) Game Keys Store(SD) Image Host, (SD) Live Streams, (SD) My Places(SD) Newsletter(SD) Sales Portal Pro,
  • Option has been removed: "Enable forum animation when hovering over a name?",
  • Price change,
  • Awards have been added for birthday users,
  • Birthday block added,
  • Update the description and graphics representing the theme of the theme, - In progress
  • System messages have been moved to the navigation bar,
  • The new look of the search engine,
  • Change the default font,
  • Changing the color of blocks and their shadows,
  • A message saying about full inbox has been added,
  • Bug with invisible icons in search engine has been corrected,
  • Slider settings hiding has been fixed,
  • Added icons for the forum category,
  • The option of personalizing each of the separate categories has been added,
  • The key setting "aXenMFluent_Forums_New" has been fixed,
  • More graphics and less text in the theme settings,
  • The custom cookie name setting when changing the Light / Dark theme shades has been fixed,
  • Fixed a bug with shadows in club blocks,
  • New spoilers, codes and quotes,
  • Fixed incorrect display of profiles in the topic,
  • Fixed incorrect color in tabs in dark appearance,
  • The display of ratings in unanswered questions has been improved.
  • A new widget look with the latest user statuses,
  • The description of "aXenMFluent_Main_Reactions" has been corrected,
  • The user can change the shape of the forum,
  • New animation has been added for footer links,
  • From now on, theme personalization icons change their color when you press them,
  • Added department highlight when hovering over it with the mouse,
  • The ability to move and disable navigation icons in a mobile appearance - In progress


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