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"Lubie to" pod przyciskami shoutboxa

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co tam próbujesz i nie wychodzi?

intermedia - profesjonalne rozwiązania Invision Power Board


Chcesz uzyskać szybko i sprawnie pomoc? Uzupełnij wersję i adres w profilu.

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Editing "hookGlobalShoutbox" in "skin_shoutbox_hooks"


	<if test="$this->memberData['g_shoutbox_use']">
					<tr class='row1'>
						<td class='altrow' valign='top' colspan='2'>
							<input type='text' id='shoutbox-global-shout' size='70' class='input_text' />
							<input type='button' id='shoutbox-submit-button' value='{$this->lang->words['shout']}' class='input_submit' />
							<input type='button' id='shoutbox-clear-button' value='{$this->lang->words['clear']}' class='input_submit alt' />
							<input type='button' id='shoutbox-refresh-button' value='{$this->lang->words['refresh']}' class='input_submit alt' />
							<if test="$this->settings['shoutbox_allow_smilies']"> <input type='button' id='shoutbox-smilies-button' value='{$this->lang->words['smilies']}' class='input_submit alt' data-clicklaunch="populateSmilies" data-scope="shoutbox" /></if>
							<if test="$this->settings['shoutbox_allow_bbcode']"> <input type='button' id='shoutbox-bbcode-button' value='{$this->lang->words['bbcode']}' class='input_submit alt' /></if>
							<input type='button' id='shoutbox-myprefs-button' value='{$this->lang->words['my_prefs']}' class='input_submit alt' />
Edited by JamLasica

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